Sunday, 20 July 2014


... I nearly forgot... well not so much as forgot but thought I had another week to go!... One day I must get myself organised..
This months colour for The Ribbon  Girl colour challenge is Aqua, one of my favourites.
If you would like the chance to win then hop on over here and upload your aqua project...

I decked out an old lampshade..

To gather the ribbon I machine stitched with a straight stitch zig zag fashion along the length of the ribbon.. when the thread is drawn up it forms a loopy trim.

I added a bow of chevron ribbon with a bit of bling too.

If you're going to use the lamp then you can spray everything with a fire retardant spray.

Friday, 18 July 2014


...Halloween pumpkins...I know it's a little early but when inspiration strikes you just have to go with it.

There's lots of paper pumpkins around, this is my version. I wanted to use the twigs I bought from The Pound Shop, they come on a wire bound roll, I guess they were meant to be edging of some kind.

 Most paper pumpkins have circles folded and glued together, I used double sided paper and only glued the fold, this way you get twice the segments for a fuller look and half the paper and I wanted to put the stick in the middle.

I didn't have a circle die the right size ... so I used a Christmas bauble die. I drew a line across the top to use as guide to place the paper.... the pumpkin needs a flat bottom  to stand.

I didn't want a sharp crease... rather a U shaped fold so I made my own score board with chipboard.. the wider crease is easier to glue to the stick.. and covers the stick all the way around.

To finish.. glue eight folded pieces to the stick... glue a circle to the base, add a die cut flower to the top for the foliage.. curl a strip for the tendrils, add a tag.

I know the paper is only single sided in the photo..... I ran out of DS paper!

Monday, 14 July 2014

It's All About...

..Wreaths....this is made from an old atlas, it's around 14" in diameter..

I added tags instead or ribbon tails..

This is a little smaller.. around 12"

And of course a Christmas wreath.. this was the one that started things off..

It's from a 2011 paper crafting kit  by S.E.I
(I'm trying to use up all that accumulated stash)

I added the bow..

Saturday, 5 July 2014


...Promised... the instructions...cut down an A4 card to 21x21cm
score at 1,2,5 and 6cm, turn the card and repeat on other three sides.

Cut the corners as shown, make a further cut so the little corner square is only attached on one side.
make diagonal cuts from the 5cm score line.

Glue the corners, fold on the inner score lines

You can see the score lines on the finished frame, this doesn't matter if you are covering it but if not then you will have to make your score lines starting 5cm down from the edges... more difficult but not impossible.

Cut another piece of card to fit in the aperture.To finish cut a square of card to fit the back, this makes a very sturdy frame. you can cut a strip of card or paper to hide the spaces in the corners... sometimes I do sometimes I don't.

You can make these any size, square or rectangle.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


... Frames.. Yesterday was the monthly meeting of EfemeraInk... we made box frames.
They measure around 17cm square.Some were  hung  together and some had a stand on the back..The material is Kraft card and the basic technique is by Sheena Douglass ...we embossed it with a woodgrain folder, gave it a coat of acrylic wax  and made frames with it.

it does look like the real thing

I'll post the instructions for making the frame itself  shortly....

Thursday, 26 June 2014

All Dressed

..Up.. I don't often go to big  events (anti social springs to mind !) and therefore don't have any dress up kind of clothes so I had to make something. This is Simplicity 1459. I wasn't sure about the big collar but... it balances out my big hips. This floral one was a practice dress, the fabric is Rose Trellis by Michael Miller from The Sewing Center in Scarborough. I think it's worked out quite well..... and it fits.

It was a bit on the short side so I has to use bias tape to hem it.. so I dug into my vintage stash.

The buttons weren't the right colour so I used a Copic pen, perfect match

This is the one I actually wore.. I love the fabric, it has birds, feathers, masks in picture frames all in a lovely cotton sateen... a bit
Commedia dell'arte.. It was the bargain price of £2 a metre fom Immanuels in Burnley. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


... all finished....but what a palaver.. bought the undercoat... picked up the wrong colour.. grey instead of white...exchanged it, got it home, it's water based instead of oil based... I hate water based paints for decorating, the finish just isn't the same..

Persevered, 3 coats of undercoat... thought I had some satinwood for the top coat... no! had to go to the big orange shop. Not a tin of Dulux satinwood in the shop!...what's that all about, it's basic stuff, had a rant but got me nowhere. They had water based...  but as explained I hate that stuff.

They did have some own brand oil based satinwood, bought that.....I've never tried painting with treacle but that's what it was like... I've been decorating for decades and that's about the worst paint I've ever come across!

so... from the depths of the cupboard I mixed the remnants of several tins of leftover satinwood paint...
and 3 coats later ( after picking out the lumps) it's done....I was thinking of decorating the hall... maybe not!
The papers are Maggie Holmes.