Monday, 3 January 2011


Thanks everyone for your feedback on the new look's staying for now, until I can get to grips with the techie knowhow to create my own background.
Journalling seems to be flavour of the month.. check out the new challenge on UKStampers. I'm not one for writing stuff so my journalling will be done with images and the odd word or two.....probably very odd!

This is a page for a bird themed art journal swap.............I've come to the conclusion I'm a person of few words! most of which are unrepeatable!


Sue said...

Cool page, I'm with you on the not saying much on a journal page....well personal stuff that is, I tend to use quotes, poems etc that I like, struggled for ages as to whether that made them "proper" journals but I am over that now LOL!!

Patrice said...

Sometimes I share personal stuff, sometimes not. I like your bird page, though.

Sid said...

Love your bird page !!