Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It's Back........ the inky painty fingers!.....sometimes I think it must be so comfortable to stick to just one craft..but I can't stick to one thing for long, I'm always off in search of the next project...exciting but sometimes exhausting!

Today is canvases......I'd saved the pictures from an old calendar.
They measure 6x6 inches.

I love's the flat graphic look combined with the rich colours.

I'm hoping to do a craft fair near to Christmas so I hope others like these too!


Sue said...

From one icon fan to another....these are FABULOUS. Wish I'd had that calendar :)

Angelnorth said...

Fabulous canvases, the icon images look great and you've carried the feel of the rich colouring over so well into the rest.

Sid said...

Fab look, great golds and images !!

Katie said...

What a cool way to use icons...I'm a sucker for them myself...and that whole can't stick to one thing too! Great!

Sarah Anderson said...

These are AmAzIng! So gorgeous :)

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is great!

Lucy x