Sunday 26 February 2012

Twelve Days

EfemeraInk or Glue and Stick as its affectionately known meets tomorrow and each year we have a swap that runs for the twelve months.This years theme is based on the twelve days of Christmas. On the first day there was a small person in a large pointy hat, on the second... two stripy legs. Can you tell I'll be using my favourite Zetti stamps for this swap?

........and just how do you spell doesn't look right either way!

I wonder what the third day will bring.


Julie Kirk said...

Nice tags - and I know what you mean about 'stripey / stripy' ... which is why I often use 'striped'instead!

JulieD said...

Funky! Lots of great little details! JulieD

Sue said...


Pronunciation: /ˈstrīpē/
(also stripey)

striped: a stripy T-shirt

from an online dictionary!!
Nice idea!!

Angelnorth said...

Great swap theme and these are quirkily you, love them!

Sid said...

Two fab tags !! Those legs I love !!

salamanda said...

I really have to get some Zetti - love those legs

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...