Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pillow Talk

It's that time again... The Ribbon Girl Colour challenge.. hop on over here for the chance to win a mini ribbon kit and a £10 voucher from LOTV This month I've made pillow boxes and decorated them with all kinds of lovely trims from The Ribbon Girl.

I especially love the new Faux Diamante Trim... this stuff is fab, I've cut it into strips, coloured it with Promarkers and even stuck it down around curves...just snip one of the two threads holding it together after you have cut an individual strip.

The Bias trim is great to edge the flap of the pillow box too.

Here's the template for the box.... the black lines are for the standard box and the red are the cutting lines for the box with a flap.. glue the sides together when making the flapped box.The papers are from 3djean

... Doh .. the bottoms a bit skewwiff but I'm sure you'll manage!


Angelnorth said...

Those are lovely - no need to put a gift inside, they look like gifts in themselves!

LME said...

Very pretty :)

fatmonica said...

Gorgeous!I love the trims,they make the boxes really special.

Karen said...

Oh these are sooo pretty! I am also loving all your postcards Effie, xxx

Sue said...

Love these.

Deborah said...

Very pretty. I especially love the wrap on the pink polka dot box.

Anonymous said...

Well you are the first person in the blogging world I have heard use the term 'Skewwiff'!
Bought Art Journaling mag and loved, loved your journal. It brought back memories for a start, 'kali' there's something else most folk I know have never heard of...shredded coconut tobaccoo.... I suppose you know about liquorice root, penny Arrow bars maybe? And Golden Wonder crisps for tuppence.... by 'eck, them were the days lass!
I am from the North too, transplanted around the country in different places, now living the rest of my life in gorgeous, wonderful Norfolk. Doing lots of crafts, lots of reading, baking, gardening, and now embarking on art journals and I am NOT artistic, so it isn't easy and a lot of my work is derivative. But why isn't there a book which tells you how to.... how to attach pages from old books and work over them without them wrinkling up, just how to start from the very beginning, preparing pages, what works and what doesn't.
I love yours though, did I say?
From a mad old bird in Norfolk

Anonymous said...

PS and I've got a bunch of the very same knitting needles, displayed in a jug!

Unknown said...

Stunning love the trims xx