Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I 've been a very lazy blogger this week....but September's Month in Numbers is done. The number three popped up more than once this month.
a simple tag theme for this month.....

If you want to see what Month in Numbers is all about the hop on over and visit Julie  from Notes on Paper


Sue said...

Very zingy (if that's an adjective?). I love the way the information literaly 'pops' off the tags.

Julie Kirk said...

Oh, there's a mix of lovely ... and really not nice in there by the looks of things.

It's another very smart page though.

You're on the board with the others now:

Wishing you a great October ... especially from the 5th!

Julie :-)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely mix of papers, cool numbers big enough to be seen and catch attention.
Cute details.

Sian said...

The tags are a beautiful way to pull your numbers together..

..and I think "Zingy" is a brilliant way to describe them!