Wednesday 18 September 2013

More Tags...

Texture goes a long way...This stuff  from 3djean is great, no more adding colour to gesso or white texture gel, it does what it says on the tin! On this tag I used the Gummy Berry Bear mixed with Tidy Widy.... only because I didn't clean the stencil between colours... how lazy is that but I love the colour. It seems you can mix the colours!

The images are from Artchix.. you can find them here..

I love houses..
I used a chevron stencil on this tag with the Jelly Bean Green and the Artchix house image sheet. All the work has been done for you with these images... just the thing when you're mojo-less.

Houses again with Gummy Berry Bear. through a dotty stencil.

Red and blue... so far out of my comfort zone...but sometimes it's good to get out of your box!


Billie said...

Great results :)

Have you tried using a palette knife flat to the stencil and dabbing at the paste, gives a wonderful crackly look. Even better if you go over it later with another colour to highlight the peaks.

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day.

Best wishes


Sid said...

Brilliant tags love your designs Effie !!

Lucy Edmondson said...


Lucy x

Lou Fu-Fu said...

I'm on a texture binge at the minute, great tags