Friday, 18 July 2014


...Halloween pumpkins...I know it's a little early but when inspiration strikes you just have to go with it.

There's lots of paper pumpkins around, this is my version. I wanted to use the twigs I bought from The Pound Shop, they come on a wire bound roll, I guess they were meant to be edging of some kind.

 Most paper pumpkins have circles folded and glued together, I used double sided paper and only glued the fold, this way you get twice the segments for a fuller look and half the paper and I wanted to put the stick in the middle.

I didn't have a circle die the right size ... so I used a Christmas bauble die. I drew a line across the top to use as guide to place the paper.... the pumpkin needs a flat bottom  to stand.

I didn't want a sharp crease... rather a U shaped fold so I made my own score board with chipboard.. the wider crease is easier to glue to the stick.. and covers the stick all the way around.

To finish.. glue eight folded pieces to the stick... glue a circle to the base, add a die cut flower to the top for the foliage.. curl a strip for the tendrils, add a tag.

I know the paper is only single sided in the photo..... I ran out of DS paper!


Sid said...

Great 3D effects on this arty piece and as you were inspired it does you proud Effie !!

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

fabulous! i have that paper lurking somewhere ;) jx