Tuesday, 4 November 2014

I Just Love...

... Snowtex! This snowman's head is simply a polystyrene ball covered in Snowtex and the sprinkled with Glamour dust. It's easy to apply. I dabbed it on using a paintbrush.
The body is a circle of velvet gathered and filled with rice. To attach the head a small dowel is pushed into the polystyrene ball, it's the glued into the neck of the gathered velvet.... after you've added the ruff.

A pointy hat completes his outfit.

For a fluffy look just apply the Snowtex with a palette knife.

I got mine from Oyster Stamps.... I have no connection with them... they were the cheapest and had it in stock... Free P&P didn't hurt either!

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Sid said...

That's a fab snowman and just love his facial expression !!