Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bottle Brush....

....Trees.. again!..I'm in love with these.
I made the pink one and the smaller green one is bought ( at great expense)

The snowman is made with a glass jar and a polystyrene ball, Snowtex and Glamour Dust

 The nut cracker is in a deconstucted bird house!

with a natural tree.

This one is dyed and frosted with Glamour Dust

I'm working on some Putz style houses... with trees of course.


Lisa's Creative Niche said...

wow those nutcracker pieces are incredible! Love this idea!

Jan Conwell said...

I just recently discovered your idea for how to make the trees--and can't wait to try it. Love your nutcracker fellows. :)

Sid said...

Great designs Effie, love your dyed trees ! I said dyed not dead !!

Sue said...

These are great and I bet they were fun to make. I must have a go at a tree.