Sunday, 10 July 2016


.....You just want to sit mindlessly and glue and stick!..especially when you've had a bee sting on your hand and that hand is the size of a grapefruit!

So I've dug out the scrap box and a Sizzix owl die.

With little idea what I'll eventually do with them.


Ann said...

Those are so cute. Sorry about the bee sting. Hope it feels better soon

srpprcrftr said...

Such adorable little owls, be shame not to use them for say - some of them strung for a garland? Put some on cards for quick little note to friends? Too cute not to give them purpose after your hard work.
Make a paste with some baking soda, put on sting site, did you get stinger out? put band aid over with paste on sting, put ice bag on for few minutes (at least 20) to relieve swelling, hope that help. Keep applying ice bag every few minutes or so til swelling is relieved.
Love every one of your cute little owls.
Have great week

Sid said...

Looking great, I am sure you will get that lightbulb moment on their end use. Hope your hand soon is better too !

Scrapmate said...

Ouch not nice hope the swelling subsides soon. Those owls are fab and I'm sure you will find a great use for them.