Friday, 9 September 2016


....last week I took a workshop with Jaki Bogg.... Textile taxidermy.
What a great day

I had no idea how these things were contructed..till I had a prod and poke at the sample... it's easy when you know how. Contruction was a bit slow because it's all hand stitched and I had a hard time trying not to be too's supposed to look shabby, I did try! and for once I followed the instuctions.

I used bits from my Linton Tweeds collection.It's quite a large piece, around18 inches tall.

If you get the chance to do this workshop then I would thoroughly recommend it.


lorraine said...

how fabulous

Carla said...

We went to Vintage Market in Carmine/Round Top a couple of weeks ago and I saw one like this with all kind bling. Yours is really bright and cute.