Friday, 3 July 2020

Hello folks...I’ve not Blogged in an age, you can find me on Instagram if you’re interested

Friday, 31 March 2017


.....Monday was our meeting of EfemeraInk.. we now only meet four times a year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter..these little chicks are our offring for Spring. The eggs are from Hobbycraft.

Painted and sprinkled with Glamour Dust

The chicks are made from felt balls... small for the head and a large one cut in half for the body.

The flowers are die cut from felt and then stamens added.

I have a craft fair coming up so these little chaps will be available there.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, 23 March 2017


..a little different..last October I started a printmaking course at the local art college, it included lino cutting, dry point and collagraph. I wanted to try the techniques without having to think about design too so I
tried to reproduce some embroidery designs  by Kathleen Mann....

This one is a collagraph...a piece of mountboard with the design cut away, it's then coated with shellac to stop the ink being absorbed into the board

The plate is inked and the majority wiped off...the ink remains in the cut away bits.

The paper is dampened and with the inked plate it's put through the press.
the cut away pieces produce the black.


I'm not too keen on this process so I added more ink with a brayer and used it as a block print.
To add colour I printed it onto pieces  tissue paper...a process called Chine Colle

Lots more to follow....

Friday, 3 March 2017


I've got a craft fair coming up in a few weeks so I've been upcycling vintage doilies and embroidery frames.

                     Anyone remember these lovely flower embellishments from Cosmo Cricket?

The rose is made from giant ric-rac

Friday, 24 February 2017


...patterns..they may be instant but take a while to stick together and then trace....

This is for The Brooklyn Coat from Tesutti..hopefully I will get it cut out while waiting for paint to dry!

Friday, 17 February 2017

I'm Trying.... fit in a little sewing time... but there's stuff to do..
I've decided to decorate the hall, stairs and landing..

I'm dragging myself into the 21st century and getting rid of the teracotta tartan carpet, I loved it in the 90's but it's got to go...  

it will be repalced with another tartan but in a  much more subdued colour palette.
The sewing will have to wait.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


...that wasn't the start to the new year I wanted....three days into 2017 and I ended up in A&E at two am. Luckily twenty two hours later I was home ( an attack of AF)
This year I'm trying to get through the fabric stash mountain. This is hopefully a wearable toile but I'm not holding my breath. Marcy Tilton patterns turn out a little on the large size... I think I should have bought the medium. The fabric is something I bought from a fellow member of The Sewing Forum, it's a waxed cotton, terrible to press and a tad hard to sew. (the forum is down at the moment, hope it will be back soon )

But look at that lovely welt pocket!

bright cotton poplin lining.

It's all but done... just waiting to find the right buttons.