Thursday 23 March 2017


..a little different..last October I started a printmaking course at the local art college, it included lino cutting, dry point and collagraph. I wanted to try the techniques without having to think about design too so I
tried to reproduce some embroidery designs  by Kathleen Mann....

This one is a collagraph...a piece of mountboard with the design cut away, it's then coated with shellac to stop the ink being absorbed into the board

The plate is inked and the majority wiped off...the ink remains in the cut away bits.

The paper is dampened and with the inked plate it's put through the press.
the cut away pieces produce the black.


I'm not too keen on this process so I added more ink with a brayer and used it as a block print.
To add colour I printed it onto pieces  tissue paper...a process called Chine Colle

Lots more to follow....

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Sid said...

Looks fab Effie ! Loving the coloured tissue versions better !