Monday 18 February 2013

Seminole and Scraps

....Nasty bugs have stopped play this last week... again. One of the casualties was a weekend retreat, which unfortunately I had to cancel.So there's not been much crafting going on. This is a piece I made around three weeks ago when the Lovely Ladies from Quiltesk came to show us Seminole patchwork.It measures around 16x28 inches.

I wasn't too keen on the wall hanging design they brought along so as usual I did my own day I will follow the instructions
I used scraps of Kaffe Fassett fabrics
and added a few embellishments

and a little free style quilting.
and there was some fabulous news... The Quiltesk ladies are taking over our one and only local patchwork shop...a shop which previously I had avoided... now I just have to learn to drive out of my postcode!(sad but true... I hate driving!)


Sue said...

As ever I am amazed at your accuracy in these quilts. Very bright and vibrant colurs.

Manualidades said...

Que quilts mas bonitos, me encanta la combinaciñon de colores y que alegres que son .
Un abrazo.

Christine said...

Hi Effie!

I love your little quilt hanging! I wish I could get my joins that neat!!

Good luck with the patchwork shop - ours had to close down, as the young owner became ill due to the dust. She held workshops and did 1 to 1 teaching, and I would have liked to book myself in, but now I can't. It's sad!

Angelnorth said...

Beautiful quilting, lovely vibrant fabrics - looks great!

Sid said...

What a fab creation.... love those colours Effie !!

Kath said...

Beautiful. Vibrant colours and lovely quilting.

Teresa said...

This is beautiful, superb quilting. xx

Sue said...

Love your wall hanging.
Please continue to take liberties with your projects!
How did you finish the zig zag edge? I love it too.

Effie said...

Sue.... The whole piece is lined.. Right sides together and turned through..

Sue said...

I like the edge for a child's
quilt so I'll keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

I used some of the Seminole patchwork to put an 18inch border on the bottom of a dress I wear only on special times I also have a matching sleeveless top to go with it. It only took me 6months to make it.
Roseanna Oliver Oklahoma USA

ladyhock said...

I would Love it if you could share your pattern, This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you.

Anonymous said...