Tuesday, 1 October 2013

52 Photos.. No 46

..Inside Your Wardrobe...a bit cramped and absolutely no coordination whatsoever! My wardrobe is a bit like my artwork.. one day odd and grungy and the next all clean and neat... at the moment I'm going with 'The anything that fits kind of style'

One thing.. or several things that I have in my wardrobe is moths!... what's that all about, I thought they were a thing of the past.... and try and find mothballs... they don't exist any more either..now it's a little plastic packet of stinky stuff.... I like the idea of mothballs.... reminds me of my Grandmother.

If you would like to join in with 52 Photos then here's ..the list.

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Billie said...

How about trying to see if you can get hold of cedar wood blocks/balls they are said to ward off moths too.

Try yarn suppliers ;)

Best wishes